00. Flag
01.English Grooming and Showmanship (15-18)
02.English Grooming and Showmanship (12-14)
03.English Grooming and Showmanship ( 8-11)
05.Obstacle Trail - Minimum Assistance
08.Pleasure Pony Diving (14.2  H and Under)
10.Miniature Horse Driving- (14-18)
13.Breed Type Hunter Under Saddle Horses - (8-13)
17.Open Trail Ponies
19.Miniature Horse in Hand Trail - (8-13)
20.Mini Horse Jumping
21.Low Equitation Over Fences, (8-13)
22.Low Equitation Over Fences, (14-18)
24.Low Working Hunter Horses
25.Working Hunter Ponies
28.Equitation over fences, (14-18)
29.Hunter Hack Horses
30.Hunter Hack Ponies
31.Beginner English Pleasure
32.Beginner English Equitation
34.Classic Hunter Under Saddle Horses- (14-18)
37.Hunter Under Saddle Ponies
40.Hunt Seat Equitation on the Flat (15-18)
41.Hunt Seat Equitation on the Flat (12-14)
43.Western Grooming and Showmanship (15-18)
44.Western Grooming and Showmanship (12-14)
45.Western Grooming and Showmanship (8-11)
47.Beginner Western Pleasure
48.Beginners Western Horsemanship
49.Western Pleasure Horse- (14-18)
50.Western Pleasure Horse- (8-13)
52.Western Pleasure Ponies
53.Western Horsemanship (15-18)
54.Western Horsemanship (12-14)
55.Western Horsemanship (8-11)
56.Novice Reining
57.Working Western Horse or Pony

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